2018 Committee

Our AGM has just been held on the 23rd October and all positions were declared vacant.

Thank you to the previous committee for their hard work and improvements made during the last 2 seasons.


Our new 2018 Committee is as follows;

President: *Position Vacant*
Vice President: Stan Zdebski
Secretary: Rochelle Davies
Treasurer: Mele Letulu
Registrar: Troy Morrison

OH&S Officer: *VACANT*
Child Protection Officer: Troy Morrison
Grounds and Equipment Supervisor: Scott Spencer
Ground Assistants x 2: 1. Dave Williamson
Club Referee Coordinator: Kelly Coupe
Coaching Coordinator: *VACANT*
Small Sided Football Coordinator: Jonathon Hirst
Fundraising Officer: Gail Badger
Fundraising Assistant: Kelly Coupe
Merchandise Officer: Stan Zdebski
Gala Day Coordinator: *VACANT*
Sponsorship: Mele Letulu
Website Coordinator: Matt Toan
Canteen and BBQ Supervisors: Rochelle Davies and Kirsten Murphy


The positions which are labeled vacant need to be filled. If you wish to volunteer your services, please contact our secretary at secretary@tilligerryfc.com.au

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